4 Parisian spots to drink a (real) caïpirinha

Of course, he has the Favela Chic.And for a long time, he was the only one.We stood in line for hours on the sidewalk of rue du Faubourg du Temple to find themselves glued/pressed against hundreds other sweaty bodies, drunk on samba and caipirinha.Long before the fashion for lounge and/or cocktail bars, the "Favela" - its colorful decor, its genius DJs and its full-bodied "caïpi" - made a splash.hours of the Parisian nightlife and offered a rallying point to Brazilians at heart.

But since then, the offer has grown and diversified.Today there are some good spots of Brazilian inspiration - of all styles and at all price ranges.While the Rio Carnival opens this Friday 21 February, we have selected 4 places to drink, eat (and dance!) - to celebrate the most festive carnival in the world.

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After the Boteco Lapa (in the 10th arrondissement) and the Boteco Villa Mada (9th), the Boteco Comptoir has just opened its doors in the 11th, in the République district, a sign that Brazil is fashionable in the capital, c he is the third place with a Di Brasil atmosphere that the duo formed by Nicolas Delauche and Ricardo Lopes has opened in Paris in just… 2 and a half years.

It is obviously in Brazil that these two thirty-year-olds met.The first worked there for several years in the “spirits” department of Carrefour in the country and the second owned a catering business there.On his return to Paris, Nicolas suffers from 'a certain nostalgia and offers his friend to join him to bring the Brazilian art of living to the capital.Thus was born the “Boteco” collection - its tasty tapas and its impressive cocktail menu.

Posted Date: 2020-07-20

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